The clinic, located adjacent to the main office, provides the students and faculty of Austin with minor first aid when needed and takes care of sick children until a parent of guardian can pick them up. The clinic is staffed throughout the school year from 8:15-2:15 by our school nurse, Mrs. Christine Bissoon, R.N.
If a student must have medication while at school, the parent must obtain a medication consent form, have the physician complete the form, and return it to the clinic.
Students are not allowed to bring medication to school (except a prescribed asthma inhaler or EpiPen—see Allergy section below), including over the counter medicines such as cough drops, creams, and lotions. A parent or guardian may bring in medication including over the counter medication, to be kept in the clinic with a completed medication form (available in student handbook appendix or on Parents & Clinic pages of school website). Medication containers must be clearly labeled in original packaging and will be secured in the clinic. All medication will be administered by the nurse. Teachers will never give medication.
A parent, guardian or designee can administer medication to their child in an emergency at school. Students with special needs will be required to have a completed Medical Impairment form available from the Counselor or School Nurse. A 504 plan will be completed.
Students with severe allergy may carry an EpiPen only after the Authorization for Student to Carry form (available from school nurse) is completed and on file in nurse’s office. Student can also receive emergency medication at school, if a medication consent form was completed by a doctor and parent.
Students with documented asthma may carry an inhaler and use it as directed. Parent, doctor and student must complete an Authorization for Student to Carry form (available from nurse) and a medication consent form for school. A copy of this completed form will be given to the homeroom teacher for her records. Student may also have medication kept in the clinic.
Contagious Illnesses
A doctor's note should document the diagnosis and a return to school date. A report will be made to the Health Department of communicable diseases when there a 3 or more documented cases in a classroom.
Conjunctivitis (Pinkeye)
Students suspected or reported to have "pinkeye" will need to be treated with antibiotic for at least 24 hours before returning to school. Student may also be kept at home until symptoms clears or bring a doctor's note which clears them as being not contagious if the eye is still red.
All students sent home or reported with fever must remain at home for 24 hours after the fever breaks. Student should not be sent to school after taking fever medication.
When lice is identified at Austin, the student is usually sent home for treatment and a class letter issued for all parents to check and treat their children.  A student is now required to show proof of being treated to return to class. Bring to the clinic the empty package after a home treatment or a letter from a lice professional.
The student will be checked again by the nurse on returning to school if treated by parent at home. Bring your student to the clinic preferably at 8:30 am to be checked. All siblings and recent close contacts will be screened by the nurse as needed, when lice is identified. It is the parents' responsibility to check and treat their children for lice.
A student who vomits at least once and has other symptoms will be sent home.
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