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Please print your child's name on all clothing that your child might take off at school.  Please label all backpacks, lunch boxes, etc.

Your child should leave all toys at home unless notified differently by me.  Your child may bring books, records and materials that relate to our unit of study.  No personal VCR or DVDs are allowed at school.  Please label any material sent with your child's name. 
Please do not allow your child to bring gum, candy and/or money to school except for school needs.

Reading at Home
I encourage reading every night.  Your child is to read to you for at least 15 minutes each night.

School Hours
School hours are from 7:45am to 2:30 pm.  Please have your child in the classroom by 7:45 am.  Students will be counted tardy after that time.  A student who is tardy misses out on valuable instructional time and may disrupt the remainder of the class.  If you should have to bring your child in late, you must accompany him/her to the office to sign in.  If you must check your child out early, please stop by the office first and sign them out.  Please make sure I am aware of your child's arrival and/or departure.  Dismissal will begin at 2:20 each afternoon.

When your child returns from an absence, please send a note stating the reason for the absence.  Without a note, your child will be marked as having an unexcused absence.  Please refer to the DeKalb County Attendance Policy for a list of excused absences.

Change of Dismissal Form
Please fill out a change of dismissal form anytime dismissal varies from the regular way of getting home. 

Cafeteria Notes
Ice cream (more information to follow) - Students can charge their lunch accounts.
No food may be brought in (fast food, take-out, etc.).
Ordering Food:  If you would like to order a lunch when coming to visit, please send a note in the morning and I will add your lunch to our count.
Lunch Money is in an envelope (with child's name and lunch number) or on-line

Your child will write the specials for each week above the dates in his/her planner. 

STEM:  Mrs. Cook  
P.E.:  Mr. Peters   *Please make sure your child wears tennis shoes.
Art Teacher:  Mrs. Cramer
Music Teacher:  Mrs. Cameron
Librarian:  Mrs. Kossak

The weekly newsletter will be emailed. 

Parent authorization form must be completed before any medication can be administered by the nurse (over the counter medications as well).

Help Us Stay Focused
Avoid distracting clothing, accessories and supplies.

You can communicate with me through e-mail, telephone (main office), newsletter, website, notes and conferences.

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