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Austin Elementary

Dekalb County Schools


Administrative Team Welcome Letter


I want to officially welcome all of you to the 2023-2024 school year! I am thrilled to welcome our students, staff, and families back to Austin Elementary.

Austin Elementary is such a special place to learn and grow. This year we will focus on seeing through the eye of our students. We will do this by making connections with our students and helping them to feel valued and safe. We will continue to provide a nurturing environment where challenging and creative teaching occurs.  

You, our families, are a HUGE part of what makes Austin so special. Please consider joining our PTO/ Foundation. You are how we can provide our students with amazing additional experiences. Also remember, our PTO sends a weekly email with updates on what is going on at the school. Make sure you sign up!

I am so thankful to be your principal and honored to lead the team again. I look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Thank you, 

Mrs. Mooneyham

Principal, Austin ES 

Principal: Avis Mooneyham

Photo of Mrs. Mooneyham

Welcome to Austin Elementary School where our students SOAR. I am excited to meet all our families! My goal is to continue the success of Austin by empowering all school partners: students, staff, and community. Together we will be excellent. 


Assistant Principal: Dr. Tisome Nugent

Photo of Dr. Nugent

I am humbled to continue to serve, learn and grow with my amazing  Austin Elementary School family.

In all the years I’ve served; whether at the elementary, middle or high school levels, no other place has felt more like home, than at Austin.

In these 20 plus years, I have also served as an administrator at the district and state levels. I hope these years and the resulting varied experiences continue to equip me to add to the critical work being done within this community.

Thank you for partnering with us on this journey of excellence! 

Assistant Principal: Ms. Becca Briggs

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It is an incredible honor to be a part of the Austin family! As I humbly step into this role as Assistant Principal, my goal is to maintain and elevate the high standards of excellence that Austin is known for. I am excited to learn from staff, parents, and students to make Austin an even better place for students to thrive.

 (678) 874-8102

Counselor: Ms. Angela Mickle

Photo of Ms. Mickle

I am thrilled to join the Austin family! I look forward to collaborating with you to help our students develop coping skills and the tools necessary to achieve success in school and in their relationships. I provide a supportive and nurturing environment for my students to overcome obstacles in their life and prosper in their day to day activities. In the past 9 years as a school counselor, I have learned invaluable lessons from my students and families. I am excited to see what I will learn this year at Austin.


Counselor: Ms. Jade Brehmer

Photo of Ms. Williford

I am so excited to be a part of the Austin family! It is a joy to serve as one of the school counselors, and I am looking forward to all the great things to come this year. As a counselor, I will be coming alongside your child's development, and supporting them as we grow in social/emotional, academic, and career knowledge. I can't wait to meet you!